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The Smart Owl Info Systems team has extensive experience in website design and development along with excellent customer service. Additionally, we have created some of the best school websites in Delhi in the past through our partnerships with other schools. Designing school websites that look good on mobile and tablets as well. In designing your website and developing your CMS, we put a lot of thinking into it. As a team, we create an innovative school website together with you. You will receive a design that reflects the spirit and brand values of your school, as well as a design that is custom made for your school. It is our responsibility to deliver a school website result that we can all be pleased with.

Our team builds websites using the best methodologies, ensuring that they are accessible to all users. We aim to keep your website looking new and current for a long time

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How is Digital Marketing Changing the Education Industry?
Brand Awareness

Create a website and social media platforms for your brand. After that, work on audience expansion. Digital Marketing offers a goal-oriented approach for targeting your audience regardless of where they are. On the other hand, it keeps the students and parents an opportunity to get the best education possible. It also gives an opportunity to market less popular education systems such as freelance teachers, private tutoring center’s, and homeschool organizations.

Affordable than Traditional Marketing

Investing in social media marketing, PPC is cost-effective and more targeted than traditional marketing. Most of these social media platforms have a feature like a campaign budget optimizations where you can optimize your budget to get the most conversion. It gives an opportunity to alternative educations, charity schools and NGOs, which are mainly funded by the government. They can be benefitted from this cost-effective digital marketing campaign.

Personalize Marketing Approach

Traditional marketing has no scope to add a personal touch, but digital marketing gives you a data-driven approach to personalize advertisement campaigns.

More Conversion

It enables the opportunity to track audience behavior for small educational institutions that can precisely target their audience without television and newspaper ads. These targeted digital ads give more conversation and better ROI than any other marketing strategy.

Alternative Communication

The online presence can be treated as a communication channel for both existing and prospective audiences. It is a means to efficiently reach out to a section of the audience without physical interactions.


You can track, modify and analyse the result using advanced tools. All these tools provide an exceptional benefit that helps you to get the most out of these digital ads.

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