7 Reasons why your website is not ranking well in search results

7 Reasons why your website is not ranking well in search results

blog Smart Owl Info Systems : By: | January 5, 2022

For small businesses and newcomers, achieving these results through sustained efforts may seem impossible. Every company who does online marketing wants to be on the first page of Google, and for good reason.
As a result, companies have already consolidated their positions and have gained control over the most popular keywords, leaving little hope for any website that wants to challenge these organizations.

Here are some tips below:

1. Why your website is not indexed by google?

Google is a popular search engine with the largest market share. It also follows an industry standard for what information must be provided in an indexable site. These standards include H1, H2 and meta tags. A website that does not meet these standards is not indexed by Google.

Prior to this change, it was believed that these websites were secretly scraping content from other sources and reusing it to get the page ranked high in Google search engine results. However this was discovered to be false case of mistaken identity and a google update for their algorithms were made which removed all these sites from search engine rankings so that proper credit could be given to the original author of the content

2. Poor on page optimization (Target Keywords are too Competitive)

Poor on page optimization is one of the most common problems that webpages suffer from. It affects the reader experience by making a website difficult to navigate, hard to find information and not pleasing to read.

The most common causes of poor on page optimization are bad navigation and no usable meta descriptions. For example, if you have a site with a section title of “Products” and you don’t link that section in the navigation bar or have no meta description for it, your website will be ranked poorly in search engines because search engine algorithms will think there is no content in that section.

This happens because Google has developed an algorithm called Googlebot which crawls pages in order to catalog them for their search engine indexing system. This means that Googlebot will only visit pages with useful

3. Your website is not mobile friendly

Your website is not mobile friendly? That is a major issue and the reason could be because of the lack of mobile-friendly design. Your website may not be mobile-friendly because it was built with a desktop computer in mind. But this doesn’t mean you cannot fix it; it just requires knowledge of HTML and CSS. You can also ask a professional developer to help you, as they have expertise in both web design and coding.

If your website is too long, then people will scroll past your content when they go to read on their phones. This can lead to low visibility of what your site has to offer – or worse, no visitors at all!

4. No high quality content (Content is Simply Lacking In Quality)

The quality of content is important to the success and growth of a website. There needs to be high-quality content that is diverse, engaging and keeps the audience with an interesting story in order to keep them coming back for more.

5. URL and website errors

There are a lot of URL and website errors that people come across these days. For example, linking to the wrong page, having URLs that don’t work, having content without URLs. These errors can prevent users from getting to the right content and thereby can mean lost revenue or brand reputation

There are lots of causes for URL and website errors. Some of the most common reasons include:

– Poor typing skills on a webpage

– Missing spaces in the URL

– Incorrect capitalization in the URL

– Changing URLs at a later point in time

6. Your website does not have a good sitemap

There are a lot of benefits to having a sitemap. It helps search engines better manage their indexes and find the target website. It also shows visitors where they can find your website’s most important pages

A Sitemap can be an effective way to help with SEO, online marketing, and site navigation. It is important that websites come up with a sitemap so that it is easy for visitors and search engine crawlers to find the information they are looking for.

7. Your Website doesn’t have a good user experience

A website that can provide a good experience is important because it can increase the number of visitors on the site.

There are some key points to improve the user experience, such as how information is presented – without being too overwhelming or too lacking in detail. Good interfaces for finding content, and for navigating between pages should be well-designed.