How does Website Caching Work

How does Website Caching Work

blog Smart Owl Info Systems : By: | January 5, 2022

Web caching is a technology that permits us to get to an online site faster since it stores the important data around a website in a table called DNS.

To get it the component of website caching, let’s see at the steps included when a client visits your website:

  1. Your visitor enters your site URL address on the browser
  2. Another, the browser requests for the desired page content by sending an HTTP request to your web server
  3. Your web server gets the HTTP request and after that processes it
  4. Your web server fetches the specified content in HTML arrange and transmits them to the visitor’s device
  5. At last, the visitor’s browser gets the transmitted information and processes them to show the web page

WordPress Cache of Two Types:

  1. Server-side caching
  2. Client-side or browser caching